It is A Wonder Just To Know You

It is A Wonder Just To Know You Lyrics

Verse 1: 
Nothing that this world can offer
Can satisfy me any longer,
I’ve seen You, I’ve seen You
I’m letting go, my hands are open
Take a hold and draw me closer
I’ve seen You, I’ve seen You

It’s a wonder just to know You
I just really want to know You
You’re the mystery that calls me, and You call me, 
You call me Yours
Now I’m thirsty for so much more
All my hope is found in You Lord
You’re the joy I’ve always longed for, and 
You call me, You call me Yours

Verse 2:
All my yesterdays and tomorrows,
All the victories and the sorrows
I lay down, to run now

You are my reward, I’ll have no other God
You are worth it all, You can have everything
There’s nothing more I want, There is no greater Love

You have won my heart, You can have everything

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