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How I Love You Lyrics

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Here I come
With everything whole
And everything broken
Within my soul
I won’t wait another day to wash my sins away

Never I’ve found
A love so pure
To take all of my wrongs
And make them Your own
More than my mind and my desires hold
You gave me more

As I go to the waters
Memories rise, each step reminds
Me who I was and who You’re making
Soaking clean
I’m finally free

You are the Hope of my life
Lifter of our eyes
In You, I’ve come alive
How I love You
Your healing I have known
Your beauty we will show
Rescuer of my soul
How I love You

Now I know
When more trials come
And the darkness steals the dawn
Your Holy Spirit
Is my Peace forevermore

I believe You are
Who You say You are
I believe You gave
More than I deserve
For all my days I will live to tell
Of Your goodness, Lord

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