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When the sea is raging, and waves are crashing round,
When my heart is heavy and I'm swiftly going down,
Help me to remember, however rough the sea,
That underneath the current, Your arms are holding me. 

In Your arms, You cradle me and make me feel secure;
In Your arms You're showing me Your mercy will endure;
In Your arms You're lifting me above the troubled sea,
I'll be safe because I know Your arms are holding me. 

When the storm has ceased her raging, 
The sun will still remain,
So until the shadows vanish, Your power will sustain;
For it’s there that I find refuge 
Where I'll be safe from harm
No storm can overtake me in the shelter of Your arms
-Ila D. Gaskin/ Lori Kerr/ Dee Light Music/ BMI 

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