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No wonder you’re exhausted 
You’ve been carrying a load
That wasn’t meant for your shoulders
You keep saying that you got this 
But now you’re running out of hope 
And your spirit’s sinking lower
You hide from God
To hide the shame 
Til you’re enough 
To earn some grace
But there’s no proving 
When the truth is that
You are worthy without having something perfect to show Him
And He hears every prayer even when they’re coming out broken 
Trust me I know, You feel so alone
You think you’ll find Him once you get where you’re going 
But He’s right here in this moment 
And even when you doubt it
He’s closer than your skin
And the breath that you’re breathing 
Just know that you’re surrounded 
By a peace that won’t let go 
And a love that’s never leaving
For every scar
You’re scared to show
He can make it 
Cause there’s no proving 
When the truth is
He’s never been closer
He’s never been closer 
Than right here
Than right here 
Than right here in this moment 
He’s closer than He’s ever been
Right here in this moment 
With you

Music video by Riley Clemmons performing In This Moment (Audio).

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