You Still Do Lyrics

Well, I remember when I danced at the altar 
I didn’t care if it cost me a friend or two 
I remember getting baptized in cold water 
But rising with a fire in my soul 

Same power, now and forever 
No You’re not through 
Same words, can speak to the mountains and make them move 
I know the God of the old is the God of the new 
I know that You did it then and You still do 
You still do 

Do you remember the roar of a choir? 
As they praised Him for hours and He’d filled the room 
Oh I remember when they told her she had cancer 
And we didn’t have the answers 
But where there’s three or two 

You’re still mighty and strong 
Faithful and true 
You’ll make a way 
That’s just what You do 
You’re the breaker of chains 
Beginning and end 
I’ve seen it over and over 
The same

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Bible Verses for You Still Do

Hebrews 13 : 8

Jesus Christ `is' the same yesterday and to-day, `yea' and for ever.

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