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I haven't always felt this way
I used to feel the passion in Your name
And now I just wanna go back
I never used to feel this dry
With all I had I'd live to lift You high
And I felt alive
Take me back to where You are .

Just wanna go back to the start
Feel the beating of Your heart
When it feels like I've run so far
Bring me closer to where you are .

I try to keep my eyes on You
I wanna see my strength in You renewed
I wanna live for You
I fear what I'm being called to do
Take up my cross and live to follow You
I wanna follow You!  .

God lead me
And I'll go
I'll give my life to follow .

Just wanna go back to the start
And worship who You are
God You're chasing down my heart
Bring me closer to where You are

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