Proverbs Chapter 5 verse 16 Holy Bible

ASV Proverbs 5:16

Should thy springs be dispersed abroad, And streams of water in the streets?
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BBE Proverbs 5:16

Let not your springs be flowing in the streets, or your streams of water in the open places.
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DARBY Proverbs 5:16

Thy fountains shall be poured forth, as water-brooks in the broadways.
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KJV Proverbs 5:16

Let thy fountains be dispersed abroad, and rivers of waters in the streets.
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WBT Proverbs 5:16

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WEB Proverbs 5:16

Should your springs overflow in the streets, Streams of water in the public squares?
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YLT Proverbs 5:16

Let thy fountains be scattered abroad, In broad places rivulets of waters.
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