Born on 13th March, 1966 in Bunyore, Vihiga County in Kenya to Richard and Susan, Reuben became blind at the age of three years. Despite innumerable challenges and setbacks, Reuben went through school as an exceptional student, beginning at Kibos School for the Blind in Kisumu and the Salvation Army High School for the Blind in Thika, he joined Kenyatta University in 1987 from where he graduated in 1990 with a B.Ed. degree in History, Philosophy and Religious Studies. Reuben has also studied Christian Apologetics in the U.S. and is currently finishing an MSC progamme (Thesis stage) in Journalism and Religion, his research interest being the convergence of media and religion.

Reuben taught for four years at Maryhill Girls High School before resigning to concentrate on Christian Apologetics, broadcasting and music. He established and run a Christian radio station called Fish FM from 2006 to 2015.

Reuben lives with his family in Eldoret, Kenya. He married his college sweetheart, Mercy Wanderwa in 1991, but lost her in a tragic road accident in 2006. He is currently married to Julie Alividza. He has four children, three daughters (Shalom, Shekinah and Shema) with Mercy and a son (Yeshua) with Julie.  

Reuben Kigame is a magnetic person who interacts freely with anyone under the sun, friend and foe. He is a darling to the youth, young children, professionals of every type, experts and those in academia, high profile leaders, the elderly and persons living with disability, the rural and urban, Christians and non-Christians with the same intensity and is best known for being able to communicate exceptionally at the level of each. He is a rare Christian teacher and minister who is never, ever bothered by numbers or geographical nature of a place as seen in his taking invitations to anywhere and everywhere his schedule permits.   

Reuben has travelled widely around Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the United States. He speaks regularly in universities, high schools, churches and family for a such as couples fellowships and dinners. He also holds debates with critics of Christianity and morality, worship music concerts, Country music shows, and lectures in religion, broadcast media and Christian Apologetics. He runs Kigame Media which promotes creative works and Living Water Studios where he records his own music and that of interested others. Reuben is passionate about mentoring the boy child and dreams of setting up a high school for boys in future. He has recorded 23 music albums and is working on more.

Despite his visual disability, nothing seems to set Reuben back. He has tried many things. In 2013 he run for the Governor’s seat in Vihiga County, Western Kenya, and came fourth out of seven. He has worked with several media houses including Radio Citizen, Family FM(now radio 316), Biblia Husema Broadcasting and Hope FM among others. In addition he has run a successful coffee house in Eldoret, a music school and succeeded in small scale dairy and poultry farming.

Reuben has received several awards including a State Commendation, Order of the Grand Warrior (O.G.W), in 2010 from President Mwai Kibaki of Kenya for his contribution to music and media. He now concentrates on music production, concerts with Sifa voices, research in media and religion, and the teaching of Christian Apologetics, operating from his home in Eldoret, Uasin-Gishu county.   

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