Reverend Kathy Kiuna is one of the most identical preachers in the history of Kenya. She is the co-founder of Jubilee Christian Church(JCC) which was started in 1999 under the leadership of her husband Bishop Allan Kiuna. Reverend Kiuna is currently in charge of the “daughters of Zion” ministry which was born in 2003 and focuses on uplifting women. The history of Kathy Kiuna is outstanding, having risen from a mere secretary to becoming a very respectable preacher in Kenya. Rev Kathy Kiuna spiritual journey started when she was 22. She was something of a wild child in high school (CGHU Parklands). “I was the cheeky girl, the party girl, the totally crazy chic, not the kind of girl you would have picked for salvation,” she laughs. “My friends from high school got the shocker when they heard I got saved.” After high school, she went to Queensway Secretarial College. She was working as a secretary and singing in the worship team at Faith Evangelist Ministries under Teresia Wairimu when she met Allan, also a member of the church. At that point, there was nothing to tell her that great things were about to happen. When they were newly weds, they opened a printing business, but it did not do well, and they were forced to close. “God took us through a gruesome experience,” she says of those days. “We were penniless, with not even a roof over our heads. A kind widow graciously took us in. It was at this time that we set out to actively seek God and His plans for us.
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