Anticipation Lyrics

I feel anticipation
Feels like when the wind blows through the trees
There’s a hope and I can taste it
Ready to explode inside our praise
I can hear You calling
And it takes my breath away
I feel Your spirit moving
Come and multiply my faith

Open every door
Let earth and heaven roar
Fling wide you heavenly gates
Here let your Kingdom reign
Behold the glory King
Honor His majesty
Fling wide you heavenly gates
Throw high your praise and come awake

There is no language
That could ever form words around Your grace
No amount of pages
Could describe what you’ve done inside this place
There is no religion
That could box you in, that could keep you in
No limit to your greatness
We can’t help but sing

We’ve only just begun to see
Only just begun to see
Your goodness
We’ve only just begun to sing
Only just begun to sing
Your praise

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