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Jesus, Jesus
Precious Lord
None on the earth nor
Heaven's above
That I have found
More beautiful
You are my treasure

My great reward
I just wanna move Your heart
It's all I wanna do
I just wanna stand in awe
And pour my love on You
No matter how much the cost
I freely give it all to You

Oh, Jesus
Jesus, Jesus
My offering
All my ambitions
My hopes, my dreams
And here's my life, Lord
A sacrifice

Oh, just to bless You
I just wanna move Your heart
Get caught within Your gaze
Right here in Your presence, God
Is where I wanna stay
Oh, just to dwell in Your house
Waste my hours and my days on You
Oh, on You

Is it a fragrance?
Then I pour my oil out
Is it a life laid down?
Then here I give my vows
Is it a song I sing?
Then here's every melody
Just tell me what moves You
Tell me what moves You
'Cause I live to move You
Father, we live to move You

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