I’m a traveler 
I know not where I go
my feet are on a highway
but i like to travel slow
I’m a traveler
I know not what I do
I’d probably be afraid if I weren’t traveling next to you

I am on my way
traveling today
to a place
we’ll be together
we’re going to be together

I’m a traveling
The “Good Land” is my home
We’ve got no mountains here 
but we’ve got plenty here to roam
I’m a traveler
The Minnesota kind
Where politics are wrestlers and comedians combined


And I’ll probably get lost sometimes
I might even feel lonesome 
But I’ll laugh as hard as I cry
And I’ll never stop hoping

I’m a Traveler 
going to see a friend
Must have missed a sign
Cause I’m not where I should have been
I’m a traveler
Staring at the Sun
sitting at a table full of strangers who have come


Hello Tom
Hello Calvin
Hello Walter
Hello Eugene
Hello Henri
Hello Cori
Hello Sara 
Hello Mother Teresa
Sitting at the table…

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Bible Verses for Traveler

Hebrews 13 : 14

For we have not here an abiding city, but we seek after `the city' which is to come.

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