Christ Jesus Glorified

Christ Jesus Glorified Lyrics

Behold the glory of the Lord
A great High Priest whose Name is Love
My life is written on His heart 
Majestic is our God

Awake, my soul, and bring Him praise
Bow down before the Lamb of God
My soul is purchased by His blood 
Majestic is our God

To You our hearts are open wide
And no one here can hide
From Your great Love
For You are worthy of it all
Christ Jesus glorified

Because our sinless Savior died
And He rose from the dead
My sinful soul is free
By grace and grace alone I’m saved
Christ Jesus paid it all
Christ Jesus paid it all

Let every heart and soul rejoice
We welcome You with praise
Be welcome in this place
Exalt Your Name with highest praise
Christ Jesus glorified
Christ Jesus glorified

To God be all the glory
To Christ be all the glory

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