Looking Up

Looking Up Lyrics

Daddy was a preacher
the man I wanted to be
no he didn’t wear a cape and he couldn’t fly
But he was a hero to me

Even heroes are human
But there’s one thing I always knew
the whole time I was looking up to him
He was looking up to you

Now I’m somebody’s daddy
got two beautiful girls
they look at me like they think I hung the moon
and I feel the weight of their world

when I don’t know how to lead them
So, lead my every move
cuz I know those eyes looking up to me
That’s why I’m looking up to you

I don’t wanna take a step unless you lead it
I don’t wanna speak a word unless you breathe it
God I’m looking up, keep me looking up
Looking up to the light I know will guide me
And I pray everyday you find me
Find me looking up, always looking up
To you

I’ve been working my whole life
To stand up on this stage
in front of a crowd under the bright lights
yeah but one thing have changed

I used to dream of the day it was my name
That everybody knew

Now I know that I led me here to leave em
Looking up to you

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