Anne Wilson Hey Girl Lyrics

To Heaven's shore 
I journey onward
Across the rolling river
To Heaven's shore
I journey onward
Away, I'm bound away
'Cross the Jordan river

For Heaven's shore
I fix my compass
Through toil and tempest raging
For Heaven's shore 
I fix my compass
Toward that holy land,
Where no pain will find me

O the glory there
Like a jewel so rare
Joy forevermoreHey girl there in my reflection
Man this world’s been messing
It’s been messing with your mind
Hey girl, someone stole your smile now
It’s been a little while now
Happiness is hard to find
Letting everybody and their mother try to tell you what you’re worth
What you’re worth
When did you forget that the one who made you told you what you’re worth
Repeat after me

I’m a blood bought, battle fought, all my shame long gone
Made new child of the king
I’m an amen, testify, holy water baptized
Went down and came up clean
I’m a soul been saved
By that amazing grace
And now there ain’t no way girl
Can’t take that away girl
Don’t forget you’re free
It’s who you’re made to be
Hey girl

Hey girl, don’t you know you’re beautiful 
Crazy kind of wonderful
And there’s no one like you
Hey girl, you don’t need to measure up
You are the treasure of 
The God who loves you 
No more letting everybody and their mother try to tell you what you’re worth
What you’re worth
And if you should forget, let the one who made you tell you what you’re worth 
And repeat after me

Hey girl, I’m glad we had this talk now
Think we said it all now
But here’s a little last advice
Live free, walk in victory
And repeat after me

There on Heaven's shore

On Heaven's shore 
I'll see my loved ones
Oh the tearful glad reunion
On Heaven's shore 
I'll see my loved ones
And we will part no more
We will part no more

On Heaven's shore
I'll see my Savior
Falling on my knees before Him
On Heaven's shore 
I'll see my Savior
And I'll raise my hands and sing
Glory Hallelujah!


We will meet on Heaven's shore

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Song  Heaven's Shore
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Bible Verses for Hey Girl

Psalms 139 : 14

I will give thanks unto thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: Wonderful are thy works; And that my soul knoweth right well.