Ben Fuller - Chasing Rebels

Chorus / Description : I find no glory in my story
All the times I ran away
And I’m not proud of where I’ve been
All the choices that I’ve made
But if my past is now your present
I’m prayin’ you see how
There’s an unrelenting, comin’ for you Savior
Who loves chasing rebels down

Chasing Rebels Lyrics

I ain?t one to hide my stupid and my stubborn 
I won?t lie about the ally?s where I?ve been 
I won?t ever try to cover all the lies that pulled me under 
Nearly buried in a box of my own sin 
And this freedom I have found is not a platform 
For me to boast in anything that I have done 
It?s just a messy canvas, of God?s mercy in my madness 
And a fiery love that I could not outrun 

I find no glory in my story 
All the times I ran away  
And I?m not proud of where I?ve been 
All the choices that I?ve made 
But if my past is now your present 
I?m prayin? you see how 
There?s an unrelenting, comin? for you Savior 
Who loves chasing rebels down 

When it comes to failure, you?re no different 
When it comes to shame, you?re not alone 
From prodigals on barstools to pretenders in the church pews 
Nobody?s ever really too far gone 

He?s coming for you (4X) 
Hell couldn't stop Him  
Darkness couldn't hide Him  
He?s coming for you 
Oh, He is for you 
Songwriters: Ben Fuller, Michael Farren, Tony Wood

Chasing Rebels Video

  • Song: Chasing Rebels
  • Artist(s): Ben Fuller
  • Album: Who I Am
  • Release Date: 23 Sep 2022
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