Big Daddy Weave - Give My Life Away

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Give My Life Away Lyrics

I earn it just to spend it, throw it out when it?s broken
Like a hamster on the wheel I keep making the spokes spin

Do I have what I have or does it have me
There?s only one way to know I can be free

I wanna give my life away
I wanna give my life away
Move every little thing standing in the way
Oh I wanna give my life away

It?s hard to believe when you?re scared of what ?might be?
But you?ll never find what you need hanging on so tightly

Because life?s not the kind of gift that you can hold
The only way you can keep it is to let it go

I wanna give my life away
Cause I know that?s what You want me to do
Wanna give myself to You
Gonna give my life away
I?ve been changed by the Truth
If I give myself away
I?ll find myself in You

Give My Life Away Video

  • Song: Give My Life Away
  • Artist(s): Big Daddy Weave
  • Album: Love Come to Life
  • Release Date: 17 Apr 2012
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