Big Daddy Weave - Killing Me Again

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Killing Me Again Lyrics

Sneakin' 'round after midnight
There's no one there to see me
Participating on the wrong side
Then I hear a voice in my mind

When I see you running away
It makes me wanna cry
When I see you
Reminding me of the day I had to die
Don't you know that in My heart I still can feel the pain
Cause when I see you it's like killing Me again

A Holy King is returning
It could be any time
He's coming back for a spotless bride
Not for those who've got something they're trying to hide

Killing Me Again Video

  • Song: Killing Me Again
  • Artist(s): Big Daddy Weave
  • Album: What I Was Made For
  • Release Date: 26 Jul 2005
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