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In the chaos, You are the Peace
In my suffering, You’re here with me
In the darkness, You never leave
God of Mercy, You’re walking with me
I surrender, anxiety
All the striving has to cease
In this moment, You’re still King
This is the gift You are giving to me
A sound mind, for the spirit of fear
A sound mind, so that I can see clearly
A sound mind, Your Spirit is here
A sound mind, a sound mind
There’s a table where we meet 
In the presence of my enemies
I will listen, I will feast  
On every word You are speaking to me 
I remember, who You are
You are my fortress, and my God
I will stand in, authority 
In Jesus Name, all the darkness will flee
Saved, healed, delivered me
Jesus’ blood wash over me 
Command my soul awake, arise 
Use each breath to prophesy

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