Bryan & Katie Torwalt The Christ The King Lyrics

So many rumors
So many stories about your life
I hear you speaking
But who do you say I am
Some say a prophet
Some say a priest came back to life
You keep asking
But who do you say I am
The Christ The King
The living breathing God
The Light The Way
Messiah God With Us
How great the revelation
To see You as You are
The Christ The King
Exalted over all
I’ve seen healing
I’ve seen dead things raised to life
I’ve been a witness
To too many things I can’t deny 
I’ve seen Your wounded side
The scars upon Your hands
You keep asking
But who do you say I am
If I put my trust in anyone its Jesus 
If I put my hope in anything its You 
If I’m gonna follow anyone its Jesus 
If I’m sure of anything its always You
I’m sure of one thing
I’m not sure of much
But I’m sure of this

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