Building 429 - I Belong To You

Chorus / Description : The song I Belong to You expresses awe for God's unconditional love and grace. It acknowledges God as the creator, emphasizes Jesus as the savior, and highlights the believer's devotion to God. While the lyrics do not directly quote Bible verses, they align with biblical themes of redemption, worship, and surrender to God.

I Belong To You Lyrics

I stand astounded by your unfailing love
Your grace imparted rings freedom in my soul
So I lift a voice to reach into the heavens
Trying to find a way to say how much I love You

You spoke my world into existence
Designed my soul and mind even knowing
That I would be the one to break your heart
But you sent your only son to be a savior
You sent the living king to be a servant
And bought me with a price I can't imagine
So I belong to You

So let the world crash down all around me
I'm not affected by the words that they spew/use
I only live to sing, praises to my king
I only live to prove, I adore You

I Belong To You Video

  • Song: I Belong To You
  • Artist(s): Building 429
  • Album: 6 Picks: Essential Radio Hits - EP
  • Release Date: 03 Feb 2009
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