Greater Tomorrow Lyrics

My tomorrow must be greater than today.
His hands are not short that He cannot reach you.
His eyes are never blind that He cannot see your tears.
His ears are not deaf that He cannot hear your cry.
Your tomorrow must be greater than today.
No matter what i face.
No matter what I see.
No matter what comes my way.
No matter how i cry.

One thing i know, that is definite in my heart, my tomorrow must be greater than today.
I'm gonna sing in my tomorrow.
I'm gonna dance in my tomorrow.
This is my song.
This is my story.
I'm gonna testify in my tomorrow.

Mama don't cry, you gonna sing in your tomorrow.
Papa, my brother, sister don't cry, you gonna dance in your tomorrow.
Wipe away your tears my brother, you gonna testify in your tomorrow.
Weeping endures for the night joy comes in the morning.
You gonna dance in your tomorrow.
I can see an open heaven pouring down blessings in my life.
I can see broken hearts amended.
I can see better tomorrow.
I can see the cloud has gathered.
Check me out tomorrow.
My tomorrow must be greater than today.


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  • Eleazer Tomonmene

    Oh yes, this song is all about me and family. Our tomorrow MUST be greater today. The devil may try hard but is too faithful He stool by us from every side. Thank you for this inspiring song.

  • Oliver Ladu

    True I believe in my tomorrow though sufferings gonna block my way but I believe that my faithful God gonna open for me. Thank you God Almighty Father!!!

  • Godwin Jacob

    I love ❤️ it

  • Julie

    It takes a Revelation to tap into the message.Thank you so much dear.

  • Frank Ayamba

    My tomorrow must be greater than today!!. God bless you with what you ever you wish for.thank u.

  • Samuel

    your song is very good one i want to join you now

  • Lizzy

    Woah, this song made my day, today. The lyrics speak HOPE into my life, just when I needed it most. Now I know my tomorrow must be greater than today. I now have hopes and know that I am going to beat what ever I am struggling with now. Halleluya. I will make it. Thanks Mr. David Ekene.

  • Angela Boyo

    Yes I believe my tomorrow must be greater than today

  • Friday Dashe

    Hand ✋ work of God nothing is impossible with God keep it up so much in love with your songs, it inspired me when ever I listen to it.

  • Cherutodifas

    Very meaningful

  • Lukia Namugenyi

    It's my status .

    My tomorrow must be greater than today. God bless you my brother.

  • Adeniyi Tomiwa

    I love this music so much, expecially when I lost an important thing in my life it encourages me so much his hands are not short that he can not her my cry my tomorrow must be greater than today that greater than the one I lost.

  • Blessing

    Makes me have hope of tomorrow

  • Lydia Quaynor

    I have been hearing this song from time to time but I have never really paid attention to the lyrics till today when I was lying on the floor , when I started sweating and feeling uncomfortable so I decided to sit on a plastic chair in my room, my tele has been on a Chanel here in my country since morning and after 1min as I sat in the chair I heard the music playing and today I really paid attention to the lyrics, hearing the lyrics of this song I couldn’t hold back my tears for I knew God woke me up to encourage me with this song that my struggles will one day pay off. Thank you David for being a vessel of God to us. God bless you

  • Elson

    My tomorrow must be greater than today this song makes me stronger always smile thanks for this song

  • Lucy Usoroh

    My tomorrow must greater than today. The song is inspiring. I am blessed by it.

  • Michael Oyivwin

    i know for sure my tomw will be greater than today just as ekene has said, so, ekene, keep it on, ur song gave ur listeners hope for tomw.

  • Samuel Mwaura

    It's,a,song that has really made my day. Glory to God.


    Thank God for the life of the brother. The song brings back hope alive in ones tomorrow that will be greater than today for those that understand it.
    For as for me and my family
    In Jesus name Amen.

  • Victor Otieno

    very encouraging song,i feel it deep in my heart

  • Michael 0yivwin

    Of a truth, God has plan, a good plans for all His people that are called by His Name, our Tmrw will be greater than today. good insperation,God bless u.

  • Aban Paul

    this song made me know what kind of a person God has designed for what. God bless David and give him more hopeful songs millions and billions songs in Jesus Mighty Name: Amen.

  • Ubokobong Simon

    this song inspire me

  • Albert Akila

    Its a song that always makes me have hope in life

  • Chinda Gift Ukechi

    What a wonderful song, it is not just encouraging but filled with unwavering assurance for a greater future both to the hopeless and to the helpless..... And to those with little it gives bigger and greater....I am really in Love with te song, it lift MY SPIRIT.....God bless DIVID EKENE....MORE GRACE

  • Edmund Ogbonna Emehara Agu

    Truely tomorrow must be better than to day, it's a believe of faith to them who understands that life is not a like lake, life can lift you up at any moment and any day. You can be poor today and by tomorrow you might also be lifted up and you become a rich man. My tomorrow's must be better than to day, what you believe in, what comes your way it's your faith. One step way to another higher step way for a greater tomorrow amen.

  • Hellen

    encouraging song

  • Aharford Ugochukwu

    i thank God i enjoy song , nigerian

  • Memory Mimu

    I so love this song it has made to believe that no matter what am facing today it's just for a little wow,my tomorrow will be greater then to day contion doing the work of God he alone will bless you

  • Jordan C Tartee

    I love your son sir,and I have been blessed by your son.I pray that God Will give you more sons that will bless our heart

  • Chidinma

    This song always makes my day, God bless you!


    This was meant to be my song, God bless David.

  • Willberforce Sokobe Aimah

    it has really touched me i know my tomorrow must be greater than today thank you for that song it really motivates us

  • Precious Effiong

    Wow wow this song is really a touch to my soul, I know that my tomorrow must be greater than today in Jesus name amen. thank you sir for your song I really love it God bless you and give you more knowledge ???? ???? ????!!!!

  • Damaris

    I love the song God bless you abundantly

  • Blessed Claire

    Jehovah you're the most high you're the most high lord

  • Loyce Nyirenda

    Lovely song lifts my soul.

  • Joseph

    Inspirational song.

  • Mwas


  • Nweke Rita

    My tomorrow must be greater than today on Jesus name Amen. God bless I Sir for ur song is very nice

  • Favour

    indeed my tomorrow will be greater. God bless you for this song nice one

  • Zanele Khookhoo

    Wow wow i love this song is so nice i can play it the whole day bigup Mr Dave

  • Catherine

    When I hear this song my heart is full of hope and I know that my tomorrow will be greater than today

  • Lilian Shunet

    The song has really blessed me

  • Tonny

    My favourite song in the world, whenever I listen to this song tears just roll down my cheeks

  • Tchemba Paulos

    My tomorrow must be greater than today i love this it gives me a lot of memories and motivation in life to be strong in every situation you are dealing with today


    I believe that my tomorrow must be greater than today

  • Fritz Kedze

    This song inspires me alot cuz it makes me think of my tomorow(i love it)

  • Mina Stafford

    So touching... I feel so high in the spirit????????

  • Mercy Rushambwe

    The song is so touching l feel so high in spirit whenever l listen to it thank you n God bless you

  • Galiwango

    nice music Rilly torching

  • Obvious Kazoka

    I love this song. Am now listening to it so much so that I teach my group. God bless you David

  • Rai Théodoros Zra

    Wonderful sont. I love it. God bless you my brother on Jesus.

  • Amarachi Chidiebere

    I love this song so much, God bless you

  • Francis Onwuemele

    Awesome, so loaded. I will be using in my church so g before preaching every Sunday. I will even inject it in my YouTube. God bless you

  • Aura Peter Kigbu

    indeed is touch able

  • Fose Mathew

    Very blessing song in deed
    Tomorow will not be the same as today

  • Abby

    Touching indeed. I love it

  • Abby

    Touching indeed. I love it

  • Ezra

    Really touched

  • David Wakoli

    Am encouraged

  • Rogalius Tryphone

    be blessed brother,,for good song

  • Lovemore

    Need to download these music

  • Nkechinyere Christiana

    GOD loves HIS people that's why HE gave you this beautiful song of heart consoling for us hear and believe. May GOD bless you for me and grant you more beautiful songs. Amen.

  • Adejoke

    Good and motiva

  • Rita

    I love this song, indeed my tomorrow must be greater than today in Jesus name

  • Glory

    It give me hope, that my tomorrow is sure,God you.

  • Etmaralyn Saypay

    This song gives me hope

  • Johnson Oluwaseye

    It is an encouraging prophecy from David ekene. As I claim the prophecy, I also prophecies a hundred fold in his life and Ministry ijn.

  • Rose Mateo

    Real blessed in tomorow

  • Princess Anne Kageha

    So Inspiring

  • Janet Anietie

    Quite inspiring. Expecting a greater tomorrow oo

  • Male Peter

    Glory be to the lord Almighty I thank him for what he has done for me but plz pray for me for my studies amen

  • Obaro Joy

    Indeed My tomorrow must be greater than today. I love that. God bless you

  • Matthew Chidhungwana

    I just want to say," may God bless you too".

  • Victoria

    I love it, with it I have hope for tomorrow

  • John Mwaka

    My best song, never will I lose hope.

  • Omotola Peace

    I really like the song

  • Apai Annet

    So great

  • Dizzy Kings

    I really love this song it's nice


    So inspired. Thanks

  • Karisa Saidi Saro

    it's so much motivating and inspiring,i really like it

  • Doris

    I'm so blessed and alive

  • Ijakeyi Samsoft

    I am so blessed by this song, can't get enough of it. It reminds me of a brighter and greater tomorrow

  • Man Of Wealth

    I love this song so much. very inspiring, motivating and touching


    I really love the makes me to still move on in live.

  • Gibz02

    A song that touches me.I played this song everyday.


    i love this song coz every one is hoping that his/her tomorow must be greater than today, some people are crying becouse of the situation they are passing through, but when they the song it makes them feel free and innocent that's why i love it

  • Effiong Nollywood Actor

    Touchable song

  • David Ekene

    the song motivate me, is touch my heart my tomorrow must be greater than today

  • David Ekene

    the song motivate me, is touch my heart my tomorrow must be greater than today

  • Catherine Modeste

    Beautiful song -Powerful
    God bless you
    Thank you David Ekene
    Love African praises and worship
    Love the reggae bit

  • Dolphas Don

    Powerful, my 2019 is going to be better than 2018

  • Peter


  • Dr Emma Emmywonder Femi Tinuoye

    God is using you mightily sir.., I was revived with this song when I heard it last year..the song has opened my eyes to see & await God's plans for me

  • Sam

    Really, its a nice song

  • Precious

    I love this song so much and for sure my tomorrow must be greater than today

  • Petax

    D song is a song of hope which gives me d assurance of a bright future

  • Sarah Kenya

    I love this song .My tomorrow must be greater than today .

  • Oluwapelumi

    This song is very sweet and powerful. More grace to the composer in Jesus Name

  • Bible Verses for Greater Tomorrow

    Jeremiah 29 : 11

    For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith Jehovah, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you hope in your latter end.