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Mentumi nka, Ɔsɛ ayeyi ooo (I can't say of how deserving He is of our praise)
Mentumi nka Ɔsɛ nnase ooo (I can't say of how deserving He is of our thanks)
Mentumi nka adeɛ aa Yesu w,ayɛ ama me (I can't tell all that Jesus has done)
Awurade wo sɛ ayeyi (Lord, You deserve the praise)

Mentumi re nda w'ase (I can't thank You enough)
Wo ade aaa w'ayɛ ama me (For what you've done)
Mentumi re nda ase (I can't thank You enough)

Kamfo no Ɔno na ɔbɔ wo (Adore Him cos He created you)
Kamfo no daa nyinaa (Adore Him always)

Fa wo nsa du nyinaa ara, yi Awurade ayɛ (with your 10 fingers, praise the Lord)
Onyakopɔn bɛ hyɛ wo animonyam (God will show you His glory)

Ɛfiri tete na wo yɛ Ɔsahene (from ages that You're Mighty Warrior)
Wo so na wo krɔn, Awurade (You're big and mighty, oh Lord)

Menni obia, menni obia, menni obia (I have no one)
Sɛ wo Yesu (but you Jesus)
Ntontom sɛ wo (worship is deserving of You)
Nnase sɛ wo ooo (thanks is deserving of You)
Menni obia sɛ wo, Yesu (I have no one but You Jesus).

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