Donnie Mcclurkin - Blood Sermon

Chorus / Description : The song celebrates the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, emphasizing the significance of His suffering and the redemption it brings for humanity.

Blood Sermon Lyrics

Yea eahhhe God

You see, some of you may not be used to having church like this
But you've got to learn how to celebrate the sacrifice of the Cross, because if it wasn't for the Cross
Every man, woman, boy and girl would be in the devil's hands

But thank God He was wounded for my transgression
He was bruised for my iniquity
The chastise of my peace was upon him and for everyone of His stripes

I want you to know that if you don't remember anything else I said in here tonight
It is the cross of Calvary that gives us access to eternal life
It was a bloody Cross
It was a weeping Cross
It was a Cross of suffering
It was a gory Cross

You don't understand what happened
They beat Him all night long
Yes they did
And they ripped His body to shred and He didn't say a word but He purchased our salvation
I want you to understand that it is by His sacrifice that salvation has been extended unto man
Don't you take it lightly

This isn't just some bunch of fanatical people jumping around and mumbling in an unknown tongue

This is are some Blood Washed, Holy Ghost Filled, Saint of the most High God

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  • Song: Blood Sermon
  • Artist(s): Donnie Mcclurkin