Erica Campbell - Eddie

Chorus / Description : The song Eddie by Erica Campbell is a tribute to a loving and faithful father named Eddie, who was a strong believer in God. The lyrics highlight the impact he had on his children's lives and the importance of his prayers and teachings. The song does not directly reference specific biblical verses or stories.

Eddie Lyrics

(Woah Eddie) [x4]

He was a muscle bound man with a bible in his hand
He had a whole lotta dreams and a whole lotta plans.
Not a buncha money but a whole buncha love mm
But when it came to faith he had more than enough

Oh his name was

(Eddie) talking bout a praying man he was
(Eddie) tried to keep it strong when times got tough
(Eddie) thank you for raising all of us
(Eddie) but you just wasn't here long enough

If I could just talk to you one more time
I would tell you I was listening all the time
Even when I rolled my eyes hey
Daddy I knew you was talking right


I remember growing up as a little girl
And watching you pray and watching you go to work
Then you would come home and laugh and play with us
You wasn't too tough to love your girls
And you taught us how to love God
And you taught us how to be strong
And even though you not here no more
I still got you in my heart daddy
And I'll never forget what taught me
I just wanna make you proud
That's all I wanna do
I wanna be a soldier, just like my daddy
You was the best daddy you was the best
I thank God for you for the rest of my life

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  • Song: Eddie
  • Artist(s): Erica Campbell
  • Album: Help
  • Release Date: 25 Mar 2014
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