Forrest Frank - Better

Chorus / Description : The song is about finding inner peace and not letting negativity or pressure overpower you. It also explores the impact of past experiences and memories.

Better Lyrics


In the melody turns into a memory
Energy takes me to an inner peace
Inner beast can't be where you intervene
What I mean is where you are is serenity
Let it go let it soar let your colors pour
What I know life is short keep on moving forward
Things just don't come up on promises this isn't over yet
I know that's hard to grasp but release it may be below the net
My mama taught never let the enemy do better than you
Papa taught me don't let the pressure get the better of you
Never thought I'd get it but always scared of the dark
Would light a forest fire with nothing more than a spark
But you had to talk yeah you always love to do that
And every time you do it's like I'm covered in a new wrap
Playing with my eyes closed I can feel it all

When you call
Every time I hear that sound
It takes me back
Every time I hear that sound
It takes me back

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  • Song: Better
  • Artist(s): Forrest Frank