Forrest Frank - Butterflies

Chorus / Description : The song Butterflies is about the narrator's journey in love, from the early stages of infatuation to the commitment of marriage, and the hope for a lasting, fulfilling relationship.

Butterflies Lyrics

Oh, I pulled up to your house
Said that I'd be here right now
Shook your father's hand and said "We wouldn't be out past like ten"
I was nervous you could tell
Everything my mind would yell
You kissed me, said "Goodnight" (mm)

You gave me butterflies (mm)
Butterflies (mm)

Oh I remember when I asked your dad
To marry you that afternoon
He wouldn't look me in the eyes
So I wouldn't have to see him cry
And just like that, you're on the aisle
Walking towards my nervous smile
You kissed me, you're all mine (mm)

You gave me butterflies (mm)
Butterflies (mm)

Oh, I know sometimes I made mistakes that hurt you
And I know sometimes it feels like I desert you
But I promise I will never let you down
As long as I am around

Oh, I pray one day you'll be there
Sitting in a rocking chair
Holding on to what we made
Years of laughter, tears and pain
I'll walk over to your side
To get a glimpse of those blue eyes
He's just like you, full of life (mm)

He gave me butterflies(mm)
Butterflies (mm)
Butterflies (mm)
Butterflies (mm)
Butterflies (mm)

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  • Song: Butterflies
  • Artist(s): Forrest Frank