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Spend Time with Jesus Lyrics

There's a day that our God said "Remember"
A day He created and blessed.
On this day He still calls us togetherĀ 
This day is for worship and rest.

So let's spend this time with JesusĀ 
On His seventh day of rest.
All of Heaven wait to meet us.
Jesus calls to us "Come and be blessed."

When we rest from our work on this Sabbath
Our needs God provides in His way
He says "Come let's go closer each Sabbath"
If we love Him and we'll honour His day.

At the cross God did not change His Sabbath
This truth in the Bible explained
And the Sabbath stills on God's ten precepts
His law and his love never change

On this day are to God claimes our worship
This day is His signature sealed
When we meet in these hours of sweet friendship,
What joy and what pleasure we feel.

This is Heaven's Day to meet us,
Jesus calls to us "Come and be blessed.

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  • Song: Spend Time with Jesus
  • Artist(s): Fountainview Academy


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