Waiting and Watching Lyrics

We know not the time when He cometh,
At even, or midnight, or morn;
It may be at deepening twilight,
It may be at earliest dawn.
He bids us to watch and be ready,
Nor suffer our lights to grow dim;
That when He shall come, He may find us,
All waiting and watching for Him.

Waiting and watching,
Waiting and watching;
Waiting and watching,
Still waiting and watching for Thee.

I think of His wonderful pity,
The price our salvation hath cost;
He left the bright mansions of glory
To suffer and die for the lost.
And sometimes I think it will please Him,
When those whom He died to redeem,
Rejoice in the hope of His coming
By waiting and watching for Him.

O Jesus, my loving Redeemer,
Thou knowest I cherish as dear
The hope that mine eyes shall behold Thee,
That I shall thine own welcome hear!
If to some as a Judge thou appearest,
Who forth from Thy presence would feel,
A Friend most beloved I'll greet Thee,
I'm waiting and watching for Thee.

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  • Phedeline Nicholas

    We got to live every day in expectation for the soon coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. He He that will come, will come and will not tarry. When friends and family say that they are coming to spend time with us, we make preparation and we wait in expectation. Why don't we believe that Jesus says that He will come, don't we prepare and live daily as if it's our last day on earth. It's Real, I encourage us to live the life, trust and obey, watch and wait. He that says that He will come will come. God bless.