When The Home Gates Swing Open Lyrics

Through this world we keep on toiling,
Toiling through the storm and rain,
Watching and patiently waiting,
Until the Savior comes again.

I am coming, Lord, trusting in thy word,
Keep me from the paths of sin, hide me in thy love,
Hide me in thy love, write my name above,
When the gates swing open, let me in.

Keep me fit for service,
Keep me up on every hand,
I've stood many a trial,
Some day I will understand.


Teach me how to love my neighbor,
Teach me how to treat my friend,
Fill me with the Holy Spirit,
Keep me humble to the end.


Tired of this load I'm carryin',
Tired of this world of sin,
Angels in Heaven beckon,
My weary soul to come in.


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