Holding On To Your Love Lyrics + Video

Your love
Is what I’m holding on to
What I’m holding on to

Holding On To Your Love Lyrics

When fear is screaming loud 
You are my hiding place 
When all the lights go out
I know You’ll keep me safe 
You are the peace I need 
You are my everything 
When doubt pulls me apart
You are the song I sing 
When sorrow breaks my heart 
Your love is holding me  
You are my melody 
I know You’ll never leave 
Your love 
Is what I’m holding on to 
What I’m holding on to 
When walls begin to rise
I turn to seek Your face
To You I lift my eyes
And call upon Your name
I still believe You are 
The hope for every heart
Let justice flow like a river 
Like a river 
Your spirit fall on Your children
On Your children
Let mercy light up the darkness
Light up the darkness 
Your kingdom come like You promised
Like You promised

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