I See You Lyrics

Verse 1
In the middle of the chaos
When I can barely keep my head up
The road ahead is looking so dark
You light my way
Just when I’m losing all of my faith
I’m at the end of all of my strength
And I’m just looking for the exit
You lift my gaze

Chorus 1
I see You, I see You
And all my fears, they melt away
As the fire, as the fire
Of Your love runs through my veins

Verse 2
When I’m a battle weary soldier
The world is heavy on my shoulders
Feels like this war is never over
You fight for me
I see to God who’s always for me
His angel armies all around me
This is the joy I set before me
You’ve already won

You hem me in
Before, behind
You hem me in
From left to right
You hem me in
You are on all sides
You’re forever around me
Forever surrounding me

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