Jordan Feliz 180 Lyrics

Father, can You hear me now
I’m feeling like I’ve let You down
I’ve lost the strength to turn myself around
I really hope You hear me now

How’d I get so far away
What if I outrun Your grace
Can You replace these broken yesterdays
Promise me I’m not too late

Call me home, I want to be Your own
Running desperately into Your arms, where I belong
And I know, Your love can turn this heart
A hundred and eighty degrees to bring me back to where You are

Tell me I am welcomed in
Show me mercy doesn’t end
Wash these muddy stains that mark my skin
And tell me I can start again

I can barely believe it
You’re racing to meet me
Your eyes filled with healing, oh

Restoring, redeeming
Forgiving, receiving
This is my beginning

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