Josh Wilson - But Wait

Chorus / Description : The song But Wait by Josh Wilson is about finding hope and grace in the midst of our struggles, doubts, and mistakes, reminding us that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

But Wait Lyrics

This is for those of you who feel like a house divided
For those who, like me, can be so double-minded
For the defeated and the doubters
For the losers and left-outers
For the alcoholics and the secret keepers
For the anxious, depressed, and barely still believers
For the pastor with a hidden sin
The parents with the wayward kids
The ones with broken marriages
Who wonder, is this all there is?
For those of us who run the race
But we wonder if God's grace
Is big enough for my mistakes
This is for the legalistic upright, who actually think you're alright
For the regretters of what you did last night
After you swore you'd stop visiting that website
You see, the promises we make become the promises we break
But wait
But wait
But wait
Romans 8
There is no condemnation
There is no condemnation
There is no condemnation
For those who are in Christ Jesus

But Wait Video

  • Song: But Wait
  • Artist(s): Josh Wilson
  • Album: Mental Help
  • Release Date: 31 May 2024
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