Ken Anucha The Waters Lyrics

I need the waters.
To flow from my heart.
I need the waters.
To flow from my soul.
I need the waters.
To flow from my spirit.
Spirit of God.
I need an overflow.

Holy Ghost come.
My soul thirsts for you.
As it was on the day of Pentecost.
Come and manifest yourself.
Rivers of living waters.
Jesus promised you.
Let the waters flow from me.
Let your power fill this place.

The waters quickened Jesus.
And raised him from the dead.
Let the waters quicken me.
And oust every dryness from my life.
Spirit that raised Jesus.
I am your temple.
Let the waters purge me now.
And make me conform to your desires.

Spirit of God.
Spirit of Truth.
My Paraclete.
I need an overflow.

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Bible Verses for The Waters

John 7 : 38

He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, from within him shall flow rivers of living water.