Kim Walker - Come Through

Come Through Lyrics

I wait for You now
Like the desert waits for the rain
Like a child at the end of the day
I know You’ll come through
I trust what You say
As a treasure no one can take
Every word so steady and safe
You always come through

All I’ve ever known
And all You’ve ever shown
Is love that’s willing to go
To the ends of the earth for me
All I’ll ever need
Is who You are to me
This love that’s willing to reach
To the ends of the earth for me

I cling to a hope
And I hold it deep in my chest
I sing till there’s nothing left
You’ll always come though
Yes, You do
You’ll always come through
You’ll always come through

You are who You say You are
You do what You say You’ll do
So my heart will trust Your heart
I know that I know You’ll come through

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  • Song: Come Through
  • Artist(s): Kim Walker


Bible Verses for Come Through

Psalms 27 : 14

Wait for Jehovah: Be strong, and let thy heart take courage; Yea, wait thou for Jehovah. Psalm 28 `A Psalm' of David.