Chains Lyrics

Chains that try to bind me chains
That won't let me go Oh chains
They keep me from trying chains
Please loose your stronghold chains
Though I try to surrender chains
Yet still I remember
Whom the Son sets free
Is truly free indeed
Lord free me from these chains

Chains and a heart full of sorrow
Chains I won't sleep well tonight because of these
Chains how I long for tomorrow
Cause today there are no tears left to cry
Chains though it feels cold as winter
Chains I will fight to remember
That by your stripes I'm healed
To your heart Lord I appeal
Please free me from these chains

Of abuse (Chains)
Of suicide (Chains)
Pain from my past (Chains)
That robbed my peace of mind (Chains)
Chains of divorce (Chains)
Addiction and fear (Oh Chains)
Being afraid to die (Chains)
And afraid to live (Chains)
Chains of depression (Chains)
Haven't laughed in a while (Chains)
Restore my joy (Chains)
And give me back my smile (Ooh Chains)
I do love you Jesus (Chains)
But not like I should (Chains)
I love you forever (Chains)
But not like I could (Chains)
Have mercy on me (Chains)
Can't go on this way (Chains)
Save me I'm lost (Chains)
Help me believe what you say (Chains)
This is just a test (Chains)
Though it's hard to see (Chains)
I surrender your will (Chains)
So now I ask you please
Free me from these
Oh please free me from these
Oh free me from these

I know you can
You said you will free me
Jesus I know you can
Please if you will free me
Jesus I believe you can
I believe you will free me
Jesus so if you can
I pray you will Free me Jesus

Please Lord I'm begging you
Free me from
Oh free me from (from these)
Free me from these chains

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