I Told The Storm Lyrics - Kirk Franklin

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Eventhough ur winds blow I want you to know
You cause me no alarm coz im safe in his arms
Evnthough ur rain falls i can still make this call
Let there be peace now i can take gooooooold away
i command you to move today
because of faith i have a brand new day
the sun will shine and i will be okay
thats what i told the storm

I told the storm(oh yes i did)
to pass
storm you cant last
you got to go
go away i command you to move today
storm, when god speaks you dont have a choice
in the matter you have to seis....yes thats what i told the storm (repeat)

No weapons formd against me shall prosper I dont have to worry about a thing
(i told the storm)
Im more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ, and he's gonna bring me out alright oh yes he is
(i told the storm)
It's amazing grace thats brought me safe thus far, and grace is gonna lead me home
(i told the storm)
I stood on solid ground and told my storm and you need to tell your storm.........
Oh wind stop blowing,blood stop flowing lighting stop flashing,braker stop bashing
Darkness go away,cloud move away thts what i told the storm

Death cant shake me,job cant make me, bills cant break me,disease cant take me,u cant drown me
my god surrounds me thats what i told the storm(repeat)

Thats what i told the storm

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