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Trouble all around (pressing me)
People all around (stressin me)
I realise u (jus testin me)
Cos thru it all you (keep blessin me)
My mind's made up no stoppin me
I gotta get to my destiny
people I hope ya'll hearin me
4 god has given us victory

Chorus- Said it's time to move on
I been hear too long
My life has been changed
No longer the same
Today's a new day
Tomorrow's far away
I got to be strong
Coz it's time to move on

Yeah Yeah Yeah yeahtwice Hey Myron where the crew at
Uh they right hear huh hear we go

Verse2- No more lonely nights
Wonderin when it's gonna be alrite
I'm more than a conquerer
and all my battles he's gonna fight
ain't nobody stoppin me
and ain't nobody blockin me
no more turnin back because I got the victory

Repeat chorus

Hey people movin on
Lift your hands up say what yo i'm gone
Hey people won't be long got my bags packed and dude yo it's on
Hey people don't you wait give him praise ya'll
Tell me who you with
Hey check it I'm movin on lift your hands up say what yo I'm gone

Reprisal- I'm movin on movin onx4

repeat chorus till fade

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