Change You Lyrics

I was standing on a boat dock
Surrounded by a sunset
I was lost in conversation
Talking with my grandad
Taking in the beauty
As we looked out on the lake
I knew I’d never be the same
You were Florida, I was Georgia
And we met in Birmingham
It was like some higher power
Was pulling strings so we could dance
The first time that I kissed you
I could see our wedding day
I knew I’d never be the same
Some things in the life they come and go
They’re here and just like that they’re gone
They fade into the rear view
Other times you grab a pen
You write it down so you don’t forget
The time and place it hits you
There are days you just make it through
And there are moments that change you
I still felt like a kid
When they put you in my arms
I know the doctor saw the fear
When she handed me my son
But looking in your eyes
I felt a different kind of weight
I knew I’d never be the same
I was sitting down in a hole
I’d dug out for myself
After years of bad decisions
I was in the pit of hell
But looking up from the bottom
I heard my friends and Jesus say
We’re not gonna let you stay the same
I knew I’d never be the same
There are moments that change you

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