That's Not You Lyrics

You don’t want me to be someone that I’m not
You don’t tell me who I am is not enough
You’d never shame me for the times that I screwed up
If I hear that, that’s not You
I don’t annoy You when I’m calling on Your name
I’m not a burden to You or just some charity case
You won’t hide from me or tell me to go away
If I feel that, that’s not You
That’s not You at my lowest
Making sure I remember
Every single failure
All the times I missed the mark
That’s not You in my weakness
Telling me I’m not worth it
And the race that I’ve been running
I should just give it up
That’s not Your voice, that’s not the truth
That’s not You
You don’t make a promise then go change Your mind
You don’t tell me to stay away ‘till I clean up my life
You never make me question if I should be alive
If I hear that, that’s not You
There’s a difference between the life You bring
And the lies the darkness speaks 
There’s a war inside this heart of mine
God, help me to see
Jesus that’s not you
Jesus that’s not you
That’s not You
That’s not You

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