Kristian Stanfill True North Lyrics

It's not a game
It's not a hoax
It's not a gimmick
It's not some church or a slogan
It's true north

A man bled and died for you
The innocence son of God tripped on shame and guilt for you
All of us like sheep have gone astray
But the Lord laid on him the iniquity of us all
That's His story
Isn't my story

That's information, but is it revelation
Because when it comes revelation you can say what Paul wrote to the church
That He, God, has taken the certificate of death that was written against us
And he has cancelled it by nailing it to the cross of Christ
It is finished
And when the accuser comes and says I want to remind you of what you have done
You say hallelujah
Let's do that together
Play the audio clip again
It's nailed to the cross of Jesus Christ
Reminding me of the failure again
It's nailed to the cross of Jesus Christ again
All of it is on the cross
All of it past, present, and future
Is nailed to the cross of Christ
Hallelujah and by the time you turn around the accuser is gone

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