Laura Hackett Park - Lift Up Your Head

Lift Up Your Head Lyrics

Breathe, darling, breathe
It's not yet time for you to leave
Don't lose hope
Let your heart believe and hold out faith
Sunrise rays
Shining down upon your face
An appointed end to suffering

Love will have its day
Keep on in the way

Lift up your head, lift up your head
Your sorrow, you'll forget when the joy comes quickly
Crying will end, wounds He will mend
And stories be penned of the faithful

Turn your face to the rising sun
While you wait, while you wait
For redemption to come
Lift up your head

Sorrow comes
In losing what you wanted
Expectation face
Another wait the heart begins to faint
Hold out hope
You can't yet see
What's right around the corner
The dark night will be over

He never promised it'd be easy
Never said there'd be no trouble
Lift up your head, for you know He's overcome
And when your strength is weak
And in tears you're swimming deep
He promised redemption to those
Who would wait patiently

Oh... There is redemption coming

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  • Song: Lift Up Your Head
  • Artist(s): Laura Hackett Park


Bible Verses for Lift Up Your Head

Psalms 24 : 7

Lift up your heads, O ye gates; And be ye lifted up, ye everlasting doors: And the King of glory will come in.