TRIBL Maverick City - Testify

Testify Lyrics

I’ve been marked by your Presence  
This one thing I won't forget 
Oh how mercy met dirty 
The day my life was spared  

I've been held by those nail hands 
Through the lowest of nights 
I'm no longer a dead man 
Now I walk in the light 

Testify, if God still provides 
Tell the truth, If he's been good to you 
Raise a shout, be a witness now 
Everything with breath sing praises

There was never a moment 
When you left me alone 
There's no place I'll be going 
That I'll be left on my own  

I'm alive to tell the story  
How your love has overcome 
All the blessing and glory 
Will be yours and yours alone
Glory Glory 
I was blind but now I see 
Glory Glory 
He's Alive and he lives in me

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  • Song: Testify
  • Artist(s): TRIBL Maverick City + Dante Bowe + Naomi Raine


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