Baba Wethu Lyrics + Video

Baba Wethu Lyrics


Ngcwele ngcwele Jesu
(Holy holy Jesus)
Uphakeme Jesu
(You are high and lifted up Jesus)

UnguBaba wethu
(You are our Father)
Ngcwele ngcwele Jesu
(Holy holy Jesus)

Akekho ongwele Baba njengawe
(There is no one that compares to you Father)
Akekho nomunye ngaphandle kwakho
(There is no other God but you)
Ubungcwele bakho Nkosi bungefaniswe
(Your holiness compares to none)
Umile wedwa hayi akekho omunye
(You stand alone and there is none like you)

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