Naomi Raine - Come To Jesus

Chorus / Description : Come to Jesus
Come to Jesus
Come to Jesus
He will save You

Come To Jesus Lyrics

Are you hungry? 
Are you thirsty? 
Are you worn out? 
From your journey, come to Jesus 
Lay your burdens down 

Are you lonely brokenhearted? 
You can go back where you started 
Come to Jesus You can be found 
Come to Him now 

Come to Jesus 
Come to Jesus 
Come to Jesus 
He will save You 

He is the answer for the seeker 
He is the sign for unbelievers 
Trust in Jesus bring your questions here 
Are You worried for tomorrow 
There is a life that has no shadow 
Trust in Jesus, His love breaks off fear 
Meet Him right here 

Come to Jesus 
Come to Jesus 
Come to Jesus 
He will save You 

Come to Jesus 
Come to Jesus 
Come to Jesus 
He will save You

Oh oooh oooh ooh oooh 

He is resurrection 
He is the true vine 
He is the door of the sheep 
He is the bread of life 
He is the good shepherd 
He is the world's light 
He is he resurrection 
He is the true vine ...

Come To Jesus Video

  • Song: Come To Jesus
  • Artist(s): Naomi Raine + Adale Jackson

Jordan Kauflin & Matt Merker - Come to Jesus (Rest in Him)

Are you weary, heavy laden?
Come and lay your burdens down
Jesus calls you, Jesus draws you,
Rest in Him
He is gentle, he is lowly
He delights to bring us peace
Tender shepherd, mighty Savior
Rest in him

How sure, his compassion for us
Oh how deep is his love,
So come, come to Jesus, and rest in him

Are you hopeless, are you guilty
Caught in shame for all your sin?
He pursues you, to forgive you
Rest in Him
He has paid for every failure
Mercy flows in endless streams
Come and follow, freedom calls you
Rest in Him

Are you waiting, in your sorrows
For this broken world to heal?
He is coming, soon returning
Rest in Him
We will see him, We will know him
O what heights of grace revealed
From his kindness, every promise
He fulfills
Trust in Jesus, he will keep us
To the end

Jordan Kauflin & Matt Merker