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We The People Praise Lyrics

Verse 1:
We confess we’re not the Savior
We confess we must be saved
We confess the mighty Warrior
Who has the name above all names

Verse 2:
We confess there’s one Provider
He alone, The source of good
The Lord of Hosts is our great Father
We trust like sons and daughters would

Once we were tired, poor
And huddled masses
Yearning to breathe free,
Known as tempest-tossed
Neglected, lost
Yet at best we were the least of these

You took us in
And You called us Your Children
Gave us a home
Where we gather at Your feet
You are the only One we’ll ever want
And You are all that we will ever need

Verse 3:
Who is this who welcomes sinners
Who is this who makes them saints
Who is this who forms a Kingdom
Of former prodigals and slaves?

Praise, we the people praise
Everybody lift your voice and praise King Jesus

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  • Song: We The People Praise
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Bible Verses for We The People Praise

Psalms 67 : 5

Let the peoples praise thee, O God; Let all the peoples praise thee.

Psalms 67 : 6

The earth hath yielded its increase: God, even our own God, will bless us.