PlanetBoom - Revival's Here

Chorus / Description : Revival's Here is a song about the unifying power of the Holy Spirit, calling for a spiritual awakening and a fresh outpouring of God's presence in the world.

Revival's Here Lyrics

Here we are united
Now here comes the wind
You release Your fire
Our hearts opening

And You fill us
With power from heaven
You fill us now

Holy Spirit fall
Sweep through this place
In power and grace
Holy Spirit move
Make all things new
And do what You do
'Cause we want more
We want more

Come and revive us now
Lord pour Your Spirit out
As You release Your power
Revival's here, revival's here

In every nation now
Right from the north to south
There is a breaking out
Revival's here, revival's here

Revival's Here Video

  • Song: Revival's Here
  • Artist(s): PlanetBoom