Rebekah Dawn - The Blessing (Swahili Cover)

The Blessing (Swahili Cover) Lyrics

Bwana akubariki na akulinde (The Lord bless you and keep you)
Akuangazie uso Wake (Make His face shine upon you)
Na kukufadhili (And be gracious to you)
Akuinulie uso Wake (The Lord turn His face toward you)
Na kukupa amani (And give you peace)

Neema yake iwe kwako (May His favor be upon you)
Na hadi vizazi elfu (And a thousand generations)
Familia na watoto wako (Your family and your children)
Na wao na wao (And their children, and their children)

Uwepo Wake uende mbele yako (May His presence go before you)
Nyuma yako, kando yako (And behind you, and beside you)
Ikuzingire, iwe ndani yako (All around you, and within you)
Yuko nawe, Yuko nawe (He is with you, He is with you)

Asubuhi na jioni (In the morning, in the evening)
Ukujapo, uendapo (In your coming, and your going)
Kwa majonzi na furaha (In your weeping, and rejoicing) 
Yuku nawe, Yuko nawe (He is for you, He is for you)

Akujali (He cares for you)
Akulinda (He watches over you) 
Akuona (He sees you)
Akuwaza (He thinks of you)
Akupenda (He loves you)
Akuponya (He heals you)
Yuko nawe, Yuko nawe (He is for you, He is for you) 

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  • Song: The Blessing (Swahili Cover)
  • Artist(s): Rebekah Dawn + Allan Sucre


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