Crossing Over Jordan Lyrics

After many long years in bondage
God's chosen people had been
Out in the wilderness wandering,
t'was all because of sin
Their leader had been old Moses,
and now that he had died
God said to Joshua, "Cross over to the other side"

"Cross over to the other side of Jordan,"
the Lord to Joshua said
"Cross over to the other side of Jordan,
my people must be led
No longer in the wilderness wander
from Egypt's bondage flee
And when you reach the other side, you shall be free"

"The river now lies before you, and I the waters control
Now is the time to cross over, the waters back will roll
A wonderful land awaits you just over Jordan's tide
Just remember victory lies over on the other side"

God then said to Joshua, "Look toward the setting sun
All the nations that you see someday will be one
Just as I was to old Moses, so I will be to thee
I'll stand by you in battle, and I'll bring you victory"

Then Joshua said to his people,
"Prepare yourselves to stay
Three more days in the wilderness
and we'll be on our way
Across the land of Canaan and into Jericho
We'll plant our feet in the Promised Land
and live forevermore"

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